Echelon Stride Smart Treadmill

There has never been more demand for at-home workouts as a viable alternative to crowded and often unsanitary gyms as we break free of the pandemic. One Cut favorite Echelon has thrown their hat into the ring with their latest Stride Treadmill that not only brings live at home and on-demand classes the company is known for but also offers the convenience of auto-folding for easy storage.

There is a lot to like about the Stride Treadmill, the first thing you notice out of the box is how compact its design is, it is not big or clunky like traditional treadmills yet still offers consumers a 4.5-foot running deck constructed with Impact-Absorbing Elastomer with the machine achieving a maximum speed of 12 MPH thanks to the efficient 1.75 CPH Brushless DC Motor. The Stride also offers users an impressive 12 levels of incline, and don’t worry there are also some generous side steps for easy step-off. All these features combined add up to a premium experience that is comparable to machines that cost three times as much would offer.

As with most Echelon products, there are also some ease-of-use features which we have come to appreciate in our testing over the past 3 months. First is the Integrated Handlebar Sensors for Heart Rate Monitoring, these unobtrusive sensors allow you to measure your current output by simply holding them for a few seconds, essentially eliminating the need for heart rate monitors or expensive fitness trackers. We also love that Echelon has included a built-in device holder for a tablet or smartphone, this made it very convenient to download the Echelon app, sign up and begin the hard work. Speaking of the app, it remains our favorite at-home-based fitness motivator, the on-demand, and scenic offerings will have you performing at your best and enjoying all that the world has to offer without the need to travel.

One of the biggest flaws of at-home treadmills is the metric space they take up but not with the Stride, we think its biggest selling feature is that when you are done it folds to just 10″ tall which means it can be tucked away in a corner or under a bed which is especially useful for those living in small apartments or when floor space is limited. The integrated transport wheels and bar also make maneuvering the svelte machine a breeze.

Echelon again has hit a home run with their Stride Smart Treadmill, it offers consumers all the best features of a gym-based treadmill in one easy-to-operate machine. The real winner for us continues to be their subscription model as their app is second to none in what it offers to reluctant fitness goers, they somehow make sweating your butt off fun and there is a lot to be said about that.

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