Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam

In today’s world, monitoring driving and road conditions, especially in the case of accident claims, is paramount. However, one area of increasing concern in a world of rideshare driving services like Uber or Lyft is personal security inside the vehicle. So, how does a company improve on a tried and tested product? Simple – instead of using one camera, use two! The Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam is a dual high-definition recording device that not only monitors your on-road driving but also the safety of the drivers and passengers inside the vehicle.

Let’s start with setup, as with all Nexar products, it couldn’t be any easier! All you’re required to do is plug the camera into your car’s power supply, download the Nexar app, connect to the camera via Wi-Fi and that’s pretty much it. Attaching the suction cup to the windscreen is easy via a quick-release lock which means you can also remove it and take it out of the car at the end of a journey. The cabin view camera add-on simply plugs into the base camera unit and can be directionally mounted using a similar window suction cup. Of note here is also the inclusion of an SD card in the box and mounting clips to conceal wires, which we think is a nice touch.

Each camera features a 2-megapixel 1/2.9” CMOS (road view camera), 1/4-inch CMOS (cabin view camera) that are capable of some crisp 1080p HD picture quality with an impressive 135- or 115-degree wide-angle field of view, meaning, you can capture a lot in a single frame! Video quality, in general, has always been a strong suit of the Nexar brand, and again here colors are accurate, and the dynamic range is good enough to see things like number plates, street signs, and the model and make of a car. The interior camera also captures some good detail but is not as good as the main camera.  Video is smooth without any movement shudder and recorded sound quality is well suited for its purpose.

The intuitive Nexar app which we are quite fond of is truly the brains of the operation, it seemingly works to detect and record incidents all the while allowing drivers to manage and share their recorded drives. Each dash cam also collects anonymous, aggregated data from its network of connected cameras and turns it into insights and intelligence which it shares with cities and municipalities for safer and smarter roads. A big reason Nexar has created a name for itself in this space is also that it can create detailed post-collision reports that save you time, money, and unnecessary stress when dealing with insurance claims including a clip of the video footage, driving speed, G-force impact, and location. Last but certainly not least is that it can also detect accidents and immediately alert your emergency contacts through the app which makes this a versatile device for both new and experienced drivers.

The Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam is the next evolution in driver safety with the ability to record and share in-vehicle data and on-road data in the event of an incident. At just $199 with no monthly fees can you put a price on your well-being when you are on the road? We think not.

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