Magimask Drone Headset

We love drones but we don’t love how you navigate them, often limited by small, cramped smartphone screens that take away from the flying experience. However, what if there was a way you could have an immersive VR-like experience as you navigate your machine through the skies? Now you can with Magimask.

Magimask is a wearable headset that essentially magnifies your existing smartphone screen and allows users to view live drone video footage in 4 times higher resolution than split-screen VR. The first thing you notice when putting on the Mask is just how comfortable it is to wear. This is not some cheaply made kids toy it looks and feels like a premium VR headset. From the headband to the super soft fabric construction, it cups around your eye sockets and blocks any external light. It is also quite lightweight, which if we are being honest, surprised us.

The Magimask is compatible with most popular drone brands including DJI, Hubsan, Xiaomi, and others, and the setup could not be any easier. All you’ll need is the MagiMask headset and a data cable from the controller to the phone. You then slip your smartphone into the very secure sleeve and the built-in optical lenses magnify the accompanying drone footage in crystal clear full screen and are not like other conventional stereoscopic dual-screen headsets that have a much lower picture resolution. It is worth noting that the design of the mask also allows adjusting the lens position and is suitable for users who wear optical glasses.

The mask can also be used for full-screen videos, 360 movies, and AR apps too making this a versatile tool for anyone that wants to feel a part of the action. All of this can be yours for just $129 and with a 100% money-back guarantee, there has never been a better moment to try a truly immersive FPV experience.

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