X-Suit – The World’s Most Comfortable Suit

For those that work in an office environment, chances are you know how uncomfortable and stiff traditional business suits feel when they are worn day in and day out, not to mention, the added worry of maintaining them and the cost of getting them dry cleaned. The X-Suit is a new way of thinking about business attire as one company strives to craft comfortable clothing that keeps you looking your best all day long.

What started as a successful Kickstarter campaign to revolutionize men’s business apparel, the X-Suit 3.0 is the third iteration of a revolutionary new type of suit made with wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric and utilizing proprietary nanotechnology to add stain and odor resistance, a first of its kind. By crossing sartorial workwear clothing with performance wear, the folks at X-Suit have created an entirely new type of product which they call — SmartWear.

The X-Suit 3.0 looks like a high-end suit from Gucci or Versace and is available in three colors – black, blue, and grey and they look great. During testing, I was constantly surprised at how lightweight and breathable it is, their proprietary Infinite Flex material is stretchy yet manages to conform to the shape of the person wearing it very well, it almost looks tailored. It was also very easy to move around in and at times felt like we were wearing athletic wear which was a nice change from what I was used to. We also think that because of the way the suit is made, the jacket and pants combo makes the perfect suit for all seasons and occasions.

Where the X-Suit shines though is its ability to repel liquids and correspondingly stains, the use of a nanotechnology coating was a brilliant call here and after the obligatory let’s spill coffee on my pants test, the liquid just beaded off and there was not a mark to be seen. The real cherry on top though must be that the suit is in fact machine washable too, which means no more costly dry-cleaning bills. In case you are wondering, you do not need to iron or steam it either, you simply hang the suit when damp and let it dry and the material the suit is made of will naturally straighten out and remove wrinkles.

The team behind the X-Suit is on to something here, each suit can be customized to your unique fit, and from undershirt to tie, you can pick up all the accessories you would ever need in one online store. If you are someone that wants more mobility in your workwear or travel a lot and worry about how wrinkled your suits become, the X-Suit is a new way of thinking about business attire and should be on your holiday shopping list this season.

Get yours at https://xsuit.com/products/xsuit-3-0?variant=40252234793136

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