Roborock Auto Empty Dock

We love self-autonomous cleaning devices; the Roborock S7 Automatic Vacuum and Mop we reviewed earlier this year is on our shortlist for Product of the Year. However, one fundamental flaw with these autobots (yes this is a Transformers reference) is forgetting to empty the dust receptacle which can often limit suction and cleaning power. The team behind the Roborock S7 has come up with a solution, a simple dock that the vacuum charges on to when cleaning is done that also empties the collected waste and it is simply quite brilliant.

This Auto Empty Dock essentially replaces the traditional charging station for the S7 and becomes a robot dustbin that can hold up to 8 weeks of waste if used regularly. Once installed, the Robovac automatically returns to the Auto Empty Dock as its home base to charge and will automatically exhume waste into the replaceable dustbin bag, so it is fresh to use the next time you power it up.

It boasts a 99.9% filtration method into the 3.0L dustbin bag which is sold separately. We were impressed by the simple installation and removal process of the bag too; it is high quality like the ones you would find in a traditional vacuum and dustbin emptying can even be controlled manually too by the very intuitive Roborock app. The front and rear filters of the device are also washable for long-lasting versatility.

One thing we came to appreciate is that when the dustbin is full on the dock, the Roborock auto vac will pause exiting the contents until it is replaced which we think is a very clever feature for forgetful homeowners like myself. Plus, the team at Roborock also embedded some Electrode cleaning brushes which essentially brush away dust and debris from under the vacuum when it is docked to keep it always running optimally.

We continued to be impressed by what Roborock has accomplished in this space, their products are clever, intuitive, and home-friendly and do make cleaning easier for people on the go. The Auto Empty Dock is available now for $299 or $719 with the S7 self-cleaning vacuum and mop.

BUY yours here – Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, Automatic Dust Collection, 3L Dust Bag Holds up to 60 Days of Dust, App-Controlled, Suitable for Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Only, Black


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