Day 1 of our Holiday Gift Guide

Synca Rei Ottoman Massager

The Rei foot-calf-lumbar ottoman is a brilliant, modular, and compact 2 in 1 device that promises to massage you from head to toe. This beautifully designed piece of furniture available in grey, red, or blue looks deceptively like an ottoman you can kick your feet up on to, however, lift the top off and it doubles as a versatile foot and calf massager while the top serves as a wireless heated lumbar massager.

Offering full sole reflexology and gentle calf compression, the base of the Rei uses Japanese Shiatsu + Gua Sha reflexology therapy paired with a triple barrel foot roller to deliver brilliant full foot coverage effectively targeting the Plantar Fascia muscle. These three massage types combine to effectively target muscle tension, provide some pain relief, and stimulate blood flow to problem areas. After using the Rei for some time, we have been pleasantly surprised with how well it helped us to relax after a long day and the combination of heat, vibration and the three proprietary massage styles offers deep relaxation that is so good you may never want to stand up again.

However, the Rei has one more trick up its sleeve that turns this into a game-changer, the Synca team has turned what would be a useless top cover into a revolutionary heated wireless lumbar massager that seeks to reduce muscle stiffness in the lower back, and it works incredibly well. When these two are paired together users are getting a full body massage that is next to none.

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