Product of the Year 2021

This year was one of milestones for us here at One Cut Reviews. Over the past 12 months, we have covered everything from autonomous home cleaning devices, e-bikes, gaming monitors, smartphones, and accessories plus more fitness products than you can poke a stick at. As a result, it is never easy to choose that one product that made an impression on our team.

In 2021 alone, we covered over 100 new product releases and while we value and appreciate every company that we collaborate with, only one can be chosen that meets the requirements of such a prestigious award. The product needs to demonstrate innovation, ease of use, creativity, and value for money and after much discourse, the only product we felt that that met our pillars of success for Product of the Year is the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro.

If the past 2 years have shown us anything, our back health is undeniably important in ensuring wellbeing in both personal and work capacities and this is especially true in an era when working from home has become the norm. Autonomous and their fully customizable ErgoChair Pro has been designed to provide back support, prevent back pain, and improve sitting posture when it matters most.

Built to offer 360° degrees of flexible, full-body support in any seated position, the ErgoChair can be adjusted in virtually every angle and direction. With its durable Nylon plastic frame, a molded foam interior, PU hand rest pads, and a brilliant and springy mesh back, the chair can be adjusted to best support the head, arms, back tilt angle and tension, seat tilt, and height to support an impressive 300 lb. of weight.

The chair itself is comfortably tall and wide, measuring 29 inches horizontally, and is adjustable vertically up to 50 inches. The seat is incredibly plush and comfortable at 20 inches wide, and I have come to appreciate the firm and adjustable armrests that have horizontal sliders for the best resting arm position. One thing our team loved was the 360-degree movement that the 5 caster wheels offer, it is very smooth to maneuver which is something other furniture manufacturers often overlook and equip with your run-of-the-mill bargain brand offerings. Lastly, was it comfortable? The flexible lumbar system and tilting backrest alone are a game-changer in our book, and seamlessly improve overall posture when working in front of a screen for 10 hours a day. Also of note is the headrest that can be adjusted by both height and angle, always providing support for those tired neck muscles, and cradling your head and neck in the exact right spot.

To conclude, Autonomous ErgoChair Pro was one of the only products we covered that truly shined when it came to comfort, versatility, and practicality in a year that continued to challenge our sense of what was normal in the world. Whether we were working from home or resuming work in office spaces, there is no price you can put on your spine’s health and for this reason alone we crown Autonomous ErgoChair Pro as our Product of the Year for 2021.

BUY yours here Autonomous Premium 2021 Ergonomic Office Chair: Lumbar Support, Adjustable Seat, Headrest, and Armrests, Executive Swivel, Responsive Mesh Back, Thick Cushion, 350 lbs Capacity, Medium, Red – Grey


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