ROKA Lockhart Sunglasses

It is never too early to start shopping for a great pair of sunglasses for the Spring or Summer and one brand that should be on your radar is ROKA. Founded in a garage in Austin, Texas by two former Stanford All-American swimmers, their direct-to-consumer business model, delivers on their promise of creating the best products possible and it starts with their Lockhart sunglasses.

Marketed as the perfect pair of optical eyewear, active lifestyle meets fashion hybrid with this pair of versatile sunglasses. Perfect for rides, runs, paddles, and hitting the nightlife on a warm summer’s evening, these retro-inspired frames seamlessly merge in and out of different use cases and look great doing it.

The first thing you notice about the Lockhart’s is how light they are, they are made with a TR-90 nylon construction that is significantly lighter than acetate or polycarbonate but still manage to feel rock solid when it comes to build quality. This is paired with a very clever spring-loaded hinge that literally pops open but can also accommodate a range of face shapes and sizes and create the perfect fit, a feature we love.

For the more active of you out there, there is also the inclusion of ROKA’s brilliant patented GEKO™ fit retention system which is a proprietary elastomer that is applied to the temple pads and nose to provide a non slip grip essentially eliminating the fear of your glasses slipping and falling during more lively activities. Believe us when we say, we tried everything to make these things fall off and they held their own very well. Last but certainly not least is the C3 nylon lenses that ROKA uses in their frames which keep things pin-sharp but also enhances green, brown, and red colors. Polarization also blocks glare on the water and the road and for those that are wondering they are also anti-fog and offer impressive scratch protection.

We are big fans of ROKA and whether you are looking for eyeglasses or sunglasses, we have no problem recommending them because of their lighter, durable more comfortable build, crystal clear optical quality, and great design options at an affordable price.

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