Mudita Bell Clock

Imagine a world where we live in the now and don’t preoccupy our sense of self with owning “things”. A future where people live more conscious and fulfilled lives because the things, they choose to spend their money on, work to enrich their lives and not seek to dominate them. This is a similar philosophy behind the folks at Mudita, a new kind of tech company that wants us to say no to a lifestyle dominated by glowing screens and say yes to the freedom and time to live a real, offline life with all its beauty of colors, smells, textures, relations, and emotions. This is the exact idea behind one of their latest products designed for the minimalist in all of us – the Bell Clock.

Mudita is all about the power of disconnection and simplicity, designing products to help us re-enjoy our offline lives and find moments of solitude and peace in our everyday lives. In a lot of ways, it’s ironic that they call themselves a tech company because realistically they design products that are created to be a throwback to our non smart world like wristwatches, ‘dumbphones, and alarm clocks, and the Mudita Bell clock is a great example of functional design meeting a minimalist aesthetic that is designed to help invoke tranquility in the bedroom.

With its clean all-white aesthetic, crisp e-ink display, and analog design, this is an alarm clock designed to replace your alarm set on your phone and reduce screen time first thing in the morning. Without blue light-emitting screens or overwhelming amounts of online stimuli, the Bell from Mudita wants you to embrace a new stress-free morning routine by waking you gently with carefully crafted acoustic music by fellow Canadian Nick Lewis or the beautiful sounds of nature by Polish nature sound artist, Marcin Dymiter, they sound non surprisingly great! With a suitably crisp 3-watt speaker, adjustable volume, and your choice of 10 different sounds to wake you, consumers are likely to find the perfect way to get your day started.

One thing we are a big fan of is also is it’s easy of use, with a simple yet effective rotating knob located on top of the clock to adjust the light, volume, and tone of your favorite wake-up alarm it also has a beautiful soft warm backlight that can illuminate the clock face at night and will slowly light up when your morning alarm goes off, it reminds us of a sunrise alarm clock, and it is fantastic. Oh, and don’t worry, there is still a snooze option when you need a few more ZZ’s.

To conclude, we are big fans of what Mudita is creating, their products remind us that simplicity is the key to a happier more fulfilling life and we are OK with that message.

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