Chipolo CARD Spot

Hey Dads, yes, that’s right. You. Are you constantly misplacing your wallet? Does it seem to ‘lose’ itself when you are not looking? How many times have you found it stuffed between couch cushions or underneath the seat in your car? If you answered yes to any or all these questions, chances are you need the CARD spot by Chipolo, a device designed to help you locate and end the hide and seek game.

Launched at CES 2022, this slim credit card-shaped tracking device simply slips into any conventional wallet and leverages the Find my Apple Device app to pinpoint exactly the last place you left that pesky wallet. Using the Find My app, users simply add the CARD spot to their device list and users will get a notification when they accidentally leave their wallet behind or when the Apple Find My network locates their missing item.

The all-black IPX5 rated water-resistant card and Bluetooth tracker looks very unassuming and we find it is much more convenient and svelte than Apple’s AirTags. It features a very convenient loudspeaker built within to alert you audibly and much more loudly to its whereabouts when you ping it. We also love the ability to set up custom notifications, where your paired device can alert you that you’ve left your current location without your wallet. If you lose your wallet, you can also put it into lost mode. When in lost mode, should another user in the Find My community of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. come within range of your wallet, you’ll get notified of its new location. The app will also show your contact information so they can get in touch.

Coming in slightly less expensive than the AirTag, there is a lot to like about the Chipolo CARD spot. It is lighter, thinner, and more convenient to slip into a wallet or purse; it is audibly louder to locate and offers some additional welcome features that are designed to get your property back faster. So, if you or someone you know is constantly forgetting or misplacing their wallet, tell them to get the CARD spot today!

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