Anker Soundcore Frames

It’s Spring and that means long days of sunshine and fun to come as we make our way towards everyone’s favorite season Summer. Enjoying that sunshine is the name of the game and the best way to do that is with some classy eye protection, but what if, your sunglasses could pull double duty as a way for you to enjoy your favorite tunes as well. Soundcore Frames are exactly that, the temples act like bone-conducting earphones blasting sound into your ears and they are paired with customizable and swappable sunglass frames that you can suit for every occasion.

Anker Innovations’ premium audio brand has been making quality audio products and accessories for some time now and is no slouch when it comes to innovation, making some seriously good sounding earphones, headphones, and speakers but the Soundcore Frames are a new beast entirely. From the exterior, they look like any modern pair of sunglasses but if you delve a little deeper you will discover that the Frames feature the company’s patented OpenSurround system, designed with two customized drivers in each arm, custom DSP, and a listening port for an immersive listening experience. The main speaker is in front of the user’s ear, with another located behind the ear to help amplify the stereo sound. Also, of note is the inclusion of touch and swipe motions to play and pause music, answer phone calls, raise and lower the volume, and advance or reverse tracks. Multiple trigger words can also perform these actions using AI voice technology.

The magic happens when you purchase the Frames, with 10 different and stylish looks to choose from, the frames come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and styles including tinted sunglasses, prescription, and blue-light filtering options. With Soundcore’s Pull and Plug quick release system, consumers can easily swap out different styles and their virtual try-on system is also helpful when you are trying to pin down a few styles that best suit you. It is worth mentioning that additional frame styles can also be purchased at an affordable price just shy of $50.

In our testing, we were impressed with just how stylish the frames are, they are made from quality materials from temple to lens and the stereo sound quality is quite good but if crank up the volume too loud, people may shoot sideways glances at you – noise-canceling these are not. Battery life was impressive though, clocking in around 5 hours of continuous playback and if battery life is a concern, don’t worry, they do fast charge in a little over an hour. They also have a reassuring IPX4 splash and water resistance if you get stuck in the rain.

This is a new category for Soundcore, a path that was paved by Bose, having said that, we are all about limiting our EDC or everyday carry and when it comes to fun in the sun, we do not want to be carrying around Airpods and sunglasses all day long when they could be combined into one. We love the commitment to style, comfort and innovation on the Soundcore Frames and these are worth checking out if you want to try something different, good different.

BUY yours here – Anker Soundcore Frames


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