BYJU’S Magic Workbooks Featuring Disney

It is not easy these days to inspire kids to love reading, we are living in an increasingly digital world. However, imagine if a personalized program existed that could help your child learn the fundamentals of math, language, and reading skills but made it seem like a game. That is exactly what BYJU’S Magic Workbooks can do, and they have teamed up with the Osmo learning platform and Disney to make learning fun again.

Using the popular Reflective AI built by Osmo that allows the iPad camera to “see” objects in front of it so kids can control the on-screen action and stories. BYJU’S Magic Workbooks is a collection of over 2500 engaging educational activities, including video lessons, read-along stories, interactive quizzes, and more with 60+ hours of skill-building activities featuring your child’s favorite Disney characters from Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, and more!

The brilliance of BYJU’S Magic Workbooks is that they make learning a more engaging and enriching experience with a focus on providing a hands-on interactive experience as students connect with grade-level math, language, and reading workbooks that build on what kids learn in the app and the classroom. What makes this program so successful is that your child receives instant real-time feedback so they can learn from their missteps and proceed forward with confidence through the different levels of mastery.

One thing we appreciate about the kit is how comprehensive it is, providing consumers with the Osmo Kit and Reflector, a plethora of workbooks, 3 WizPens, and/or 12 Magic Color Wax Crayons (Pre-K to 1st grade only) all the while setting up your child’s ability to master foundational concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and foster critical thinking. The only thing to note is that it comes with a 1-year subscription to BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney, but a small cost is involved after the first year.

Compatible with grade levels from Pre-K to Grade 3, this is the type of program I wish existed when I was a kid. It is fun, engaging, and works to solve a fundamental problem in education today – how to make our children love learning again. Put simply, this is a new way for kids to learn, and at $199, this is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future.

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