GRID Studio – A different kind of Art!

Take a moment here to think back to the most beloved piece of tech. you purchased in the last decade. Was it your first iPhone? iPad? Gaming console? The folks at GRID Studio want to immortalize this device in its very own unique tear-down artwork because as they say – every classic deserves to be framed.

When we dip into the nostalgia of our minds, we often associate memories with these digital items, being remembered for those who created them or the dawn of a new technology that is brought. This is exactly what the team at GRID Studio does, they create unique framed artwork of these classic devices in disassembled form so that you can appreciate every little component that went into making this memory maker for you the consumer.

They source popular tech items and unfold and restore them to their original glory to be appreciated in collage form on the walls of your home and/or office and boy do they look great. With everything from classic Nokia and Blackberry devices to evolutionary gaming consoles like the Sega Game Gear, this is tech enthusiasts’ wet art dream. Each device is carefully undone screw by screw and labeled meticulously in a beautiful real wood frame for everyone to see.

We were fortunate enough to receive a framed version of the first iPhone I ever owned, the iPhone 4, and everything from the home button to the vibration motor, speaker, and even the camera is on display. For Apple fans, you can order every generation of iPhone up until the last few years to showcase it in all its glory. It may be the ultimate homage to brand loyalty we have ever seen, but we believe it is worth it!

Each item is brilliantly unique and makes for some stunning artwork in our opinion. Like most good art, it is not cheap but is the best way for you to remember a device that may have changed your life.

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