Fresh Clean Tees VS. True Classic Tees

You have probably heard all about Fresh Clean and True Classic tees from their viral social media marketing campaigns where each claim to make the softest, highest quality, best fitting tees on the market. However, as a consumer this can often get confusing, how do you know which one is best for you? In this new Versus series here at One Cut Reviews, we will match them up head-to-head to determine a winner, because to quote our favourite movie Talladega Nights – “if you are not first, you are last”.

The way we completed this test, for transparency purposes, is that for 90 days we alternated wearing each brand’s t-shirts. One day it was Fresh Clean Tees, the next True Classic Tees. At the end of each week, we would wash and dry them on low heat in a conventional air dryer and then repeat. Here are some of our conclusions.

CONTENDER 1: True Classic Tees

Made from the brilliant 60/40 cotton/polyester blend that is super soft, what sets True Classic tees apart from their competitors is just how well they fit around the arms, shoulders, and sides thanks to their athletic style cut, therefore elevating that plain tee to something that wears incredibly well even after multiple washes. Available in the usual array of styles from crew to V, pockets, and even hoodies. Their relatively inexpensive casual wear offers you the perfect blend of form, fit, and function you can expect from something that adorns the body.

A highlight for us was what they are made from, that ring-spun cotton and jersey polyester used in their tees feels super soft nay luxurious and the tag-less design also means no irritating neck scratch which is important after a 14-hour day wearing these bad boys. It’s worth noting that the shirts are also sold in packs or bundles of 3, 6, or 12 meaning that this truly can be a one-stop-shop and your-done kind of deal and predict these may have some longevity.

To sum up, True Classic Tees, deliver on their promise of high quality, modern fitting, and long-lasting t-shirts for all, those who like a more fitted athletic look will love these and we give them a solid score of 8 out of 10.

CONTENDER 2: Fresh Clean Tees

Made from their proprietary StratuSoft Blend, a super-soft, breathable, custom fabric created by FCT themselves, this brilliant cotton-poly combination offers the comfort, breathability, and softness of cotton alongside the performance features of polyester, such as moisture-wicking and dimensional stability.

They also claim that the StratuSoft material is stronger than other materials used by competing brands and after wearing them this past 3 months consistently, we would have to agree. We have not experienced any fading, pilling, or loss of elasticity in the collar but one thing we will identify at this junction is that we found after many washes, True Classic tees did start to show some shrinkage, something that we have yet to notice with Fresh Clean Tees. They also claim to have better stitching on their shirts, including cover, chain, and ladder stitching but we have not noticed a big difference here.

One thing we have come to appreciate about FCT is that their sizes are also more forgiving than their competitors. I normally wear a size large and sit at a height of about six feet, I noticed that True Classic tees especially after a few washes started to feel like they were getting a little too comfy and felt like they would ride up if I lifted anything over my head. Fresh Clean Tees have a little extra length, not much, but enough to make a difference and negate any shrinking over time which I think makes a difference to some.

Last and certainly not least is that FCT also sell a variety of clothing options including hoodies, long sleeves, polos, and even packs or bundles like True Classic Tees. To conclude, we promised there would only be one to rule them all, and to put it plainly, we simply enjoy the fit and finish of Fresh Clean Tees more than we do True Classic Tees and give them a respectable score of 9 out of 10 making them the winner in this inaugural Versus series.

You can purchase either of these using the links below:

Fresh Clean Tees


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