YEMA Spacegraf Zero G Watch

We, as humans, have always been fascinated by space. It is the great unknown, a vast void of nothingness that makes us truly understand our place in the universe, and French watchmaker YEMA, is no stranger to the space race either, one of their very first watches was designed in 1982 in collaboration with France’s Space Agency (CNES), the Spationaute was the first French and Western European watch sent into space. Now the team is back with their Spacegraf Zero-G which has been created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of French parabolic flights (simulated gravity).

Named after Henry Loid Belmont, a methodical and pioneer French watchmaker, YEMA has been designing high-quality timepieces for some time now. The Superman, the first watch was one of the very first dive watches that could be submerged up to 300m. They are also responsible for one of the first automatic chronograph watches for the sailing world back in 1966. Since then, their watches have donned the wrist of explorers, astronauts, and more.

The Spacegraf Zero G is a testament to this watchmaking lineage and is crafted from 316 L stainless steel that is treated with PVD, a high-quality coating known for its inalterability, hardness, and excellent resistance to corrosion and scratches. This is paired with a chronograph tachymeter that allows for the measuring of airspeed, flight time, and distance (it is a space watch after all) and is powered by quartz movement with Super-LumiNova C1 Aviator style hands to give a precise and always visible time no matter where you take the watch.

Also, of note here is the domed mineralized crystal glass, convenient push crown with matte black dial, and 10 BAR / 330 Feet / 100 m resistance to everything a zero-G flight could throw at you. We are also big fans of the included canvas strap has been specifically designed to withstand extreme in-flight conditions when in microgravity, but it also is classy enough to be worn out to a nice restaurant to celebrate when you return to Earth.

To conclude, the YEMA Spacegraf Zero G wristwatch is a robust and sophisticated timepiece that has been created not just for style but also for substance and has been tested in the harshest of conditions to prove its worth on your wrist and the wrist of members of Frances’ answer to Nasa, the CNES Parabolic Flights Program. For just $359 at the time of writing this, it is an accessory you should keep your eye on this year.

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