Shinesty Ball Hammock Underwear

When it comes to underwear, we thought we had seen it all. From boxers to briefs, colored to patterned, short to thigh cut, the possibilities were endless. However, when the Shinesty Ball Hammock underwear stumbled across our desks we couldn’t help thinking to ourselves – have these people lost their minds? Until we tried them on. Now, we can’t live without them because they are one of the only companies that create underwear that support a man’s scrotum and are comfortable!

The folks at Shinesty have one mission – to free the world to take itself less seriously and upon first opening the Ball hammock underwear, it was obvious to us this was the case. An unfortunate reality for most men is that when you have a twig AND berries there is constant adjustment needed to make sure they fall in just the right way to feel comfortable throughout the day as this area is often susceptible to things like temperature changes and gravity. Described by their team as a “push-up bra for your balls”, these are essentially a redesign of men’s pouch underwear that features extra space and support from below with a purpose-built hammock pouch to keep your bits right where they should be.

Using every possible analogy under the sun in their product description, the whole purpose of the Shinesty Ball Hammock Underwear is to offer more support in an area that is often neglected in traditional men’s underwear. The built-in pouch creates much needed contoured testicular support.

They are also incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to the use of moisture-wicking, micro-modal material in their construction that seemingly helps to release trapped heat and keep you cool and dry all day long. They also have just the right amount of stretch which brings some added versatility for all body shapes, some clean anti-scratch stitching, and the use of an anti-roll waistband is a game changer in our books. The real win here for consumers though must be the plethora of colors, styles, and lengths they come in. We have never seen such an array of fun, funky and fresh styles, for men and women to choose from. These are NOT your plain tighty whities! Lastly, they can be bought in packs, and they even offer an underwear subscription service where new styles can be sent out to you periodically.

To conclude, the Ball Hammock Underwear by Shinesty is a new type of underwear for men that enhances the fit, feel, and function of traditional underwear, offering support where it is needed the most. This complete with a 100% money-back guarantee means we can’t help but recommend it to you -our readers – as our new go-to pair of undies when comfort and style are what matters most.

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