Thousand Chapter MIPS Bicycle Helmet and Traveler Magnetic Bike Lights

This Summer has delivered some beautiful weather for getting out and about on the bicycle trails and with our favorite riding season Fall coming up fast, there is never a better time to upgrade some of your gear to take full advantage of your ride. Thousands new Chapter bicycle helmets and Magnetic bike lights are two products that can take your ride to the next level.

The Chapter helmet truly is like nothing we have seen before and features a unique motor racing-inspired design with 8 welcome ventilation ports scattered from front to back. Available in black, white, and navy, the matte finish exudes style and quality, and the iconic yellow MIPS logo emblazoned on the side of the helmet paired with a yellow inner foam liner and detachable bill, makes this quite striking to look at.

The Chapter helmet utilizes an integrated dial fit system and adjustable nylon straps. The dual directional dial on the rear of the helmet and simple plastic cams on the straps make it easy to get a secure and comfortable fit every time. There is also some comfy nay plush and well-positioned padding on the interior of the helmet which in our testing, on a long 2.5-hour ride, did not irritate or cause any discomfort or heat retention. We are also big fans of the integrated magnetic taillight on the back of the helmet. The micro-USB rechargeable taillight has a five LED design that pumps out an impressive 50 lumens. It also features two different output modes (constant and irregular flash), and the taillight itself is well designed. The light automatically turns on when being attached making it easy to hop on the bike and go.

Lastly is the Pop Lock that Thousand has included on the Chapter helmet, a small port complete with a magnetic cover on the side of the helmet gives riders the ability to secure the helmet with the bicycle using a bike lock or U lock by feeding it through the port. Thousand is so confident in this design, they provide an anti-theft guarantee and will replace your helmet free of charge if it is stolen while using this feature.

The perfect companion to such a versatile helmet is their Traveler Magnetic bike lights which essentially is a Front light with a magnetic handlebar mount paired with a similar rear light for a seat post mount. Inspired by the design of a camera lens, each light features a 3-way rotatable dial that can provide 3 different light modes – solid, daylight, or eco flash depending on your riding situation.

The brightness of each light here is also impressive, pumping out approximately between 30-250 lumens depending on the mode you choose. The solid light option can also light up the trail ahead of you in low light very effectively. Lastly, each light is also IPX4 water resistant and protected from light rain showers.

To sum up, Thousand continues to impress with its array of accessories for riders. There is no better place to go when you need those items that made riding more enjoyable, whether it’s a helmet, light, or bell they have what you need at prices that are not only affordable but for products that are of exceptional quality.

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