What’s in our Fridge Volume 1

We are very fortunate here at One Cut Reviews to be given the opportunity to review all types of products but sometimes, like most, we just love to eat and drink. This past month we were fortunate enough to work with two companies both offering very different products for consumers that we have quickly become obsessed with and now occupy a permanent space in our refrigerator, and we think they need to be in yours too.

Fire Department Coffee – Ready to Drink Nitro Cold Brews

Knowing how important caffeine is in helping firefighters stay alert on the job, the folks at F.D.C have taken this love for coffee and created a line of signature spirit-infused roasts and premium blends that are second to none when it comes to taste and quality. Using only the best ethically sourced coffee beans from around the world, each variation is roasted individually to maximize the depth and complexity of flavor, and it comes through every time!

It is no secret that coffee fuels everything we do here at One Cut, however, we don’t always have the time to sit down and have a comfortable cup of joe. Enter – Fire Dept. Coffee – with their new line of 7oz single-serve cold brew coffee that packs an impressive 120-170mg of caffeine in one convenient slim can. Available in four varieties: Nitro Irish Coffee, Nitro Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Nitro-Charged Latte, and Nitro-Charged Shellback Espresso this is the perfect on the go pick me up for your busiest workdays.

We have come to appreciate that each cold brew is made with real cream and no artificial flavors and if we had to pick, our favorite must be the Nitro Irish Coffee, with its hints of toffee, butterscotch, and vanilla it tastes great. The coffee beans are infused with high-end whiskey before roasting out the alcohol, leaving behind only the spirit’s bold aroma and it comes through in the taste which is second to none.

With a sample pack that costs less than $20, you can try them all and find your new favorite shot of caffeine for your day. Best of all, the company supports the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation, is a charitable organization that supports groups that help firefighters and first responders who are injured on the job, mentally or physically, or who are facing other serious health challenges. Every sale of their coffee helps veterans who are in need which means, that not only does their coffee taste good it does some good as well and that is a message we can get behind.

BUY yours here – https://www.firedeptcoffee.com/en-ca/collections/ready-to-drink-coffee

Slate Milk

For those seeking a boost that doesn’t just come from caffeine, Slate is a line of all-natural, lower sugar, higher protein, lactose-free chocolate milk, and lattes for healthy-minded people.

Available in Classic Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Mocha Latte, every single serving can provide up to 20g of protein and the essential vitamins and electrolytes your body needs to power through the day. What makes Slate so special is that they skim their milk, then filter out the natural lactose sugars. This natural process, called ultrafiltration, is how they can boast less sugar and more protein than other milk.

Their milk is also blended with all-natural products like allulose, a rare low-calorie sugar found in figs and maple syrup, and using their unique canning pasteurization technique, it allows them to deliver products safely to your door without refrigeration.

Over the past month, this has quickly become our post-workout drink as we found it worked effectively to input some protein into our bodies to repair those micro tears in our muscles, but we also loved that it helped to replace lost electrolytes and generally keep us full until lunch. We have not stopped raving about dark chocolate, it is so tasty and rich and reminds us of something you might buy at Starbucks, albeit, without the exorbitant price tag.

With a dozen cans starting at just shy of $40, consumers can also subscribe and receive an additional 10% off as regular customers. However, we love to reward our readers, so you can also use the Discount code: ONECUTREVIEWS10OFF for an exclusive discount.

So, that’s it, the two products we highly recommend you should look at if you are looking to fill your refrigerator this Fall with some tasty pick-me-ups to get you through these shorter days.

BUY yours here – https://glnk.io/1vq4/onecutreviews

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