FJackets Men’s and Women’s Leather Jackets

It’s jacket season and for years a go-to staple in most wardrobes is the classic leather jacket. Whether you are having an intimate gathering, enjoying a night out in the big city, or just putting on a cookout at home, leather has never gone out of style. FJackets is an online retailer that specializes in selling affordable, premium, and sustainable leather jackets that can suit any occasion.

The US-based company was formed in 2013 with the goal to use only the highest-quality materials, including real leather, skin-friendly lining, and durable hardware to ensure their jackets will last for years to come all the while having a customer-centric culture, where their customers are completely satisfied and experience a sense of community.

With so many styles on offer, it is easy to see why customers gravitate towards FJackets, with everything from the classic leather bomber jacket to 3-piece tuxedos, there is something on offer for everyone. From top grain leather, YKK zippers, metal elements, and smooth skin-friendly lining, no detail is left unchecked when it comes to their clothing. We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to review their Men’s Black Leather Car Coat and we were left very impressed.

Made from uber-soft 100% Real Lambskin Leather and a breathable viscose lining, the jacket looks and feels great. We particularly liked the attention to detail FJackets puts into everything they make, especially things like a pocket for your cell phone, two hand-warming pockets for those chilly Fall nights, and the premium button-over zip enclosure that rounds out a perfect piece of outerwear. Best of all, all their clothing is backed by a hassle-free 30-day return policy.

One thing that sets FJackets apart from its competitors is their commitment to making their products sustainable. You see, sustainable leather defines its brand ideology in terms of ecological, cultural, and economic sustainability. Their leather is sourced from real animals raised locally for food. They also use the best environmental practices such as a local tanning process that recycles water and is non-artificial. Put simply, FJackets is dedicated to sourcing their leather from local providers who treat their animals gently, and with care and offer fair trade prices to farmers and that is a practice we can get behind.

To sum up, there are not many retailers out there that prioritize quality, customer service, and sustainability when it comes to making a profit, but FJackets does exactly that. They design clothing that complements your life but makes you feel good about buying it and this is a message we wish more manufacturers would adopt as a philosophy in business.

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