Stocking Stuffers

Last week, we shared our classic holiday gift guide but what happens when you need those infamous stocking stuffers, the smaller more practical gifts that everyone loves to receive but would never ask Santa for. Below is our list of affordable, quality stocking stuffers that aren’t socks and underwear!

Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone

For those that want an equally premium-looking case to match their expensive new smartphone, it is easy for us to recommend Mujjo. Their Full Leather case for the iPhone series offers a slim, sexy profile all the while wrapping your phone in quality Vegetable-tanned Ecco leather and it looks great!

One thing we enjoy about their cases is that, unlike their competitors, you get a nice, raised lip around the camera and the front of the screen to protect from bumps and scrapes and it also allows you to place your phone down without fear of scratching the delicate glass.  We also have come to love the satin-like Japanese microfibre inner lining that surrounds the phone and there is something to be said about machined metal buttons to deliver that extra ‘clickiness’ and responsiveness for daily use.

New with the 14 series line of cases is the inclusion of MagSafe for quick and easy wireless charging plus docking and with a price slightly lower than Apple’s leather case offering, we would argue that the Mujjo case is a better buy all around. Nicer colors too!


Backbone Mobile Gaming Controller

It’s no surprise that many people game on their smartphones but what if you could turn your smartphone into a traditional dual-stick-and-face-button control on either side of your horizontally mounted smartphone? Now you can with the Backbone One.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, these beautiful and well-made controllers feature analog sticks (complete with clickable buttons) positioned asymmetrically, with face buttons in an Xbox-style A, B, X, and Y configuration. You’ll also find a D-Pad below the left analog stick, shoulder and trigger buttons, and a selection of menu, options, and screenshot buttons.

The device connects to your charging port for power and using their proprietary and quietly simplistic app, the Backbone One will ask you to register and house your gaming library in one convenient place. Hit the Backbone button to jump from a game to this library for easy access. The list of compatible games is also quite impressive and within the app is the ability to create lobbies and chat groups with fellow Backbone players. There is even a subscription service that offers integrated Twitch streaming, high-resolution captures, and focused gaming which we think is a game changer.


ROKA Barton Eyeglasses

It is never too early to help your loved one find a new look for 2023 with a new pair of Barton eyeglasses from ROKA.

Founded in a garage in Austin, Texas by two former Stanford All-American swimmers, their direct-to-consumer business model delivers on their promise of creating the best products possible and their eyeglasses are no exception.

The modern rectangular shape of the Bartons is both fashion-forward and weighs less than an ounce! Each pair comes with three different nose pad sizes to customize the fit for a wide range of nose bridge widths. There is also the inclusion of ROKA’s brilliant patented GEKO™ fit retention system which is a proprietary elastomer that is applied to the temple pads and nose to provide a nonslip grip essentially eliminating the fear of your glasses slipping and falling during more lively activities. Believe us when we say, we tried everything to make these things fall off and they held their own very well.

Last but certainly not least are the ultralight C3 nylon lenses that ROKA uses in their frames which keep things pin-sharp but also enhance green, brown, and red colors. With the option to include polarization to help block glare, the lenses are surprisingly resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and fogging up which we simply love.


EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub

When you need to connect multiple devices to your Mac or laptop, not many do it better than EZQuest. Their distinctive USB-C hub allows you to take full advantage of any USB-C powered devices like laptops and smartphones.

Made from stunning anodized aluminum, their Multimedia Hub Adapter connects your USB-C port to an HDMI display to extend or mirror the computer’s display screen, while also connecting three standard USB 3.0 devices. This hub uses pass-thru charging up to 100 watts (20V/5A) for quick and safe charging and you can transfer images, videos, music, and data from your digital camera or other devices up to 5Gbps with the SDHC or Micro SDHC card reader.

There is also a very convenient high-speed gigabit Ethernet port that lets you have an uninterrupted network connection with an LED indicator that shows the connection status, and the use of USB PD 3.0 Fast Role Swap helps prevent data loss and keeps the secondary monitor on if the USB-C power cable is disconnected from the hub while your notebook display is open.

All of this is backed by a reassuring 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


Bakblade 2.0+

When eliminating unwanted body hair is the name of the game, Bakblade 2.0+ is the only DIY back & body shaver specifically designed to swiftly shave your back and body hair in just minutes without causing pain or discomfort.

The Edison Award-winning device comes with a brilliantly superior ergonomic handle and patented Dryglide safety blade technology to offer the simplest and smoothest shave around.

This is made possible by the ingenious and improved 3-blade cartridge design and exfoliating brush that can now extend to 18 inches in length when unfolded and conveniently stored away when folded.

Best of all, you get 2 replacement blades in the box and a unique carrying case for trims on the go.


That concludes our Stocking Stuffers special, which one did you enjoy the most? Leave your comments below and be sure to check out @onecutreviews on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


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