The Best Accessories for your New Smartphone!

February starts another year of new smartphone releases and if it is your time to upgrade, there is no better time than to check out some of the best new accessories to complement your new investment. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites, check them out below.

Pitaka MagEZ accessories!

PITAKA remains one of our favorite smart accessory makers and they have been slowly building an ecosystem of products to accessorize your favorite tech.

With a newly refined focus on eco-living, production, and development, the folks at PITAKA want to continue to target their customers’ needs and plan products from the perspective of people’s lives, connecting them to real-life scenarios, while minimizing waste.

We always gravitate towards their MagEZ case 3 first when we get our hands on a new smartphone. This beautiful aerospace-grade aramid fiber phone case is not only form fitting but also offers a raised lip for camera protection but also magnetically attaches to their 3-in-1 wireless charger MagEZ Slider, the MagSafe car mount, the card sleeve, and MagEZ Grip to enjoy a secure attachment and stable wireless charging. Offering consumers, a plethora of additional accessories to pair with the case whatever your need.

We also absolutely love their Carbon Fiber watch band and accompanying Air case for those who are also rocking a new Apple Watch. This world-first watch band is constructed with 100% carbon fiber links and is compatible with all Apple Watch models including Series 8-1, SE, and Ultra. It also pairs well with the case for the watch, which is also constructed from the same carbon fiber and makes the watch itself lightweight, scratch-resistant, and highly durable.

Lastly, if you are heavily investing in an ecosystem like Apple, chances are you will need the perfect case and stand for your iPad too! They also offer the same brilliant case to protect your iPad, but it also adds MagSafe compatibility to be able to dock and charge the iPad on their brilliant MagEZ stand. Lastly, thanks to the slim and magnetic design, you can easily snap your iPad Pro to the Magic Keyboard and enjoy all functions without removing the case.

Get yours here –

Rhinoshield Grip Mini and Grip Max.

Pop sockets have been quite the rage amongst young folk looking for a better way to grip these slippery all-glass designs, but Rhinoshield has taken that idea and leveled it up with their simple yet effective adhesive Grip Mini and Grip Max offerings.

You simply attach the oval-shaped grip to the back of your phone, and it simply pops open so you can slot your fingers between and achieve a better grip. Plus, it also doubles as a brilliant way to prop your device up in stand mode for watching your favorite content, like the TNT podcast on YouTube.

Not only is it made from 85% recycled materials, but it is also available in two sizes depending on the phone size and can be customized with one of the hundreds of different original designs and we love that!

Get yours here –


If you are more of a minimalist and fly by the seat of your pants, opting to rock your new device without a case, you can always change the look of it with a skin from our friends in the UK – XtremeSkins.

For the unaccustomed, a skin is an extremely effective way to protect and personalize all your electronic devices such as phones, laptops, consoles, iPads, headphones and so much more from scuffs, scratches, UV rays, dirt, grease, and surface water, without adding the bulk and weight of a traditional case/cover.

Using perfectly tailored premium quality vinyl, the folks at XtremeSkins have created a cacophony of different designs to mix and match and stylize your favorite tech from phones to tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, headphones, and many more you are guaranteed to find just the right look for you and your tech.

Get yours here –

Noreve Leather Cases

Noreve, specialize in making stylish, elegant, and protective leather cases for our favorite devices.

Designed in the beautiful St. Tropez in the South of France, Noreve believes in one fundamental principal – Everything is based on quality, and from that, the company prides itself on using quality leathers, molds and exceptional cutting techniques to cultivate the art of the object.

What makes Noreve’s smartphone accessories so appealing is the ability to customize your choice with what they call different ranges. Each range features different design cues, materials, and patterns to truly make a premium case that suits everyone’s need.

Consumers can also specify coloring both in and outside the case as well as dictate overall design with both snap on, folio and flip down varieties available. We were fortunate enough to review their case for the Surface Duo 2 and we were blown away by the attention to detail and elegance of their case.

Put simply, if only leather will do, you need Noreve!

Get yours at

Prequel Photo Editing App.

While technically not an accessory, we wanted to take a moment to suggest an app that is worth downloading if you love photography.

The Prequel Photo Editing App offers over 2000 AI effects, visual filters, and templates for one-tap edits of visual content.

Available in both the Apple and Google Play store, the app allows anyone to create personalized visual content, with some amazing AI driven technology that gives great results, but without needing to spend considerable time learning more complex design packages such as Photoshop.

After using it this past month, it has quickly become our favorite way to edit some of the photos used on the website and our social media. It is fun, easy to use and provides some high-quality results without the extra effort.

Check it out now at –

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