Bobby the Coffee Guy Coffee

Lifeblood, rocket fuel, java… no matter what you call it, coffee fuels most people on their busiest of days. The problem is, there is usually a vast divide between high-quality coffee and good-value coffee. However, the team behind Bobby the Coffee Guy Coffee is on a mission to merge the best of both of these worlds, delivering bold, flavorful, and robust blends at an affordable price to become your new go-to cup of joe.

This Canadian company established in 2015, their single-serve coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans from the world’s finest coffee-growing regions and is roasted to produce the most beautiful and aromatic blends you can buy on the market today. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence when delivering the perfect cup of coffee, if they don’t make it themselves, then you can be sure you can buy it from their website in their endeavor to become the only one-stop shop for good coffee.

For the sake of this review, we will be focusing especially on their original in-house blends. With 5 different options available from light, medium, dark, decaf, and Italian roast, you are guaranteed to find the blend that most speaks to your palette.  We will start with our favorite first, their Dark Roast blend, a beautifully robust offering for those that love a richer full-bodied taste. Their crisp slightly acrimonious Medium blend comparatively is a wonderfully flavorful and smooth cup of coffee that was not too strong and not too weak but just right.

For those seeking a more mellow and soothing flavor, their light roast is also an excellent option, just remember though, lighter roasts boast more caffeine content. Lastly was their Italian blend, an ardent and daring flavor that conjures up memories of older Italian gentlemen drinking espresso at a café in Venice that will put some pep in your step. This blend brings a bold flavor without bitterness, it is a very smooth cupper and exuded Barista style quality. For those seeking the full coffee experience without the caffeine, they also have a decaf offering, which to our taste was also solid.

To conclude, we will add that the biggest selling point of Bobby Coffee is that each of its pods holds 11 grams of coffee whereas most single-serve cups only have 9 or 10 grams of coffee. This translates to a richer full-bodied taste and most importantly more coffee for less money and better value. With their 24 pod packs starting at $16.99, you simply won’t get a better cup of coffee and more of them for a lesser price.

If you are a coffee lover at heart, you don’t want to miss Bobby the Coffee Guy coffee.

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