Chubby Buttons 2

Trying to control your favorite music while doing something active and wearing gloves is kin to a toddler trying to mash keys on a television remote to change the broadcast channel. It just doesn’t work. However, what if there was a way for you to control music, answer calls and even snap a selfie with one easy-to-use glove-friendly device? Well, now there is. Chubby Buttons is a big buttoned Bluetooth remote that straps right onto your wrist and makes it easier than ever to control what matters most while on the move.

Using a Velcro strap and nano suction technology, Chubby Buttons is a simple remote Bluetooth control device with large tactile weather-resistant buttons that make controlling your smartphone a breeze. Designed for gloved hands, whether that is in the workplace; sporting activities; riding a motorcycle, Winter sports, and more, the device allows simple and effective control of common functions on a smartphone like controlling music, taking calls, etc. without ever having to take the device out of your pocket.

The graceful 10x4x1cm sizing of the Chubby Buttons controller is just large enough to be worn comfortably on your wrist or handlebars and connects seamlessly to both Android and iOS devices but also many other Bluetooth-enabled devices and/or headsets. It can also function as a remote shutter for taking photos, which could be beneficial for those vacation snaps.

For me personally, I love the simplicity of this device, I hate having to take my phone out of my pocket to change music tracks when my “smart” assistant fails, or I am clumsily trying to find the earphone fob or double tap for the next track on wireless headphones. The versatility of this device is also impressive, you can wear it when cutting the grass, working out, or just completing those ‘honey-do’ jobs the wife assigns you.

To conclude, we love products that bring added simplicity to our lives. Chubby Buttons is the kind of product you don’t realize you need until you have one and for that reason, we recommend picking up one for yourself today.

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