Go Forth Goods Single Deluxe Wallet

In today’s throw-away society, we seem to be departing with our most expensive goods before truly getting a chance to get value out of them or appreciate them as they fulfill a purpose in our busy lives. Go Forth Goods set out to change this by making high quality American made leather products that can withstand the test of time, returning to the simplicity of old and the functionality and design of timeless classics of the 19th century. Their single deluxe wallet is a testament to this philosophy.

Crafted from 3 oz. Horween Leather (one of the oldest tannery’s still running in the USA) it is hand stitched, wax threaded and really is a thing of beauty. The wallet has a surprisingly slim profile with 5 pockets that can holds 12 cards or more securely and cash and receipts with ease. The litmus test for me is always two things – will my cards fall out and how easy is it to access them? I am happy to report that the all leather quality construction put all doubts to rest in regards to the wallets ability to securely hold my licence and other valuables. Additionally, accessing them again was also very easy while waiting to purchase my morning coffee. It is obvious a lot of thought and craftsmanship has gone into creating a wallet that can withstand the daily grind but also be very functional.

Probably one of the coolest things about Go Forth Goods is their promise to give back to the community by partnering with different non-profit organizations or ministries that are actively doing good and making a difference. 10% of their profits are donated to these organisations to assist them with their mission of spreading goodwill and hope around the world.

Go Forth Goods make exceptional real leather products and are definitely worth checking out at www.goforthgoods.com




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