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Wearables are all the rage in the tech. world. ‘Smart’ everything seems to be tacked on to every single item that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and tracks your life via some arbitrary app. This creates clutter in our all ready very busy worlds. However, what if there was a wearable that could actually alter your mood and help you relax or even energize you? There is. Welcome to the world – Thync.

So how does it work? The premise behind Thync is quite ingenious. It works by stimulating nerves in the head and neck with safe, low-level electrical impulses to change the way you feel. Through the use of what Thync calls ‘vibes’ the accompanying app features two convenient modes: calm, to relax the user and slow down the production of stress. Then there is energy, which boosts your brain’s adrenaline system and overall focus. But is it safe? Thync has been developed over an extensive 4-year period and was relentlessly tested with clinical research, documentation and user studies by a team of neuroscientists and engineers.

After two weeks of testing and experimentation with both calm and energy modes – I’m skeptical. I won’t lie, I feel as though I felt more of an effect while using Thync’s calm mode especially before going to bed. I did feel more relaxed and did fall asleep faster than usual with a deeper state of relaxation throughout the night. Energy mode on the other hand was a mixed affair, by default I am pretty energetic myself and truthfully did not notice any change.

I believe with this type of wearable tech, it all comes down to whether or not you buy into their philosophy and claims. The device is elegant; the app works very well…but will it work for you? Well, over 1.2 million minutes of vibe time has been used by Thync users and the company claims it gets better with time, and lasting results are best with regular use (4-6 times per week.). With that, I will leave the decision up to you.

Buy yours today. Thync: The first wearable for relaxation and energy (yeah, it’s awesome)


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  1. Hey Darren,

    Let me know if you’d like to hop on a video chat and we can discuss placement and tuning a little more to dial into your ‘sweet spot’ and feel the good vibrations.


    Vasili @ Thync


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