Sanuk – Never uncomfortable footwear

If you are looking for perfect Summer outdoor footwear, then Sanuk has the shoe for you.

Sanuk pride themselves on three things – creativity, innovation and fun. Their footwear ranges from the ever popular yoga mat sandals to their own sandal-shoe hybrids.

With a founding principal being laughter is a basic human right, their footwear will definitely bring a smile to your face and those around you.

With the ever popular sandal hybrids like the Chiba, Vagabond or Rounder, you get quality construction with a heavy canvas upper, ansoft canvas lining and a premium EVA foot-bed with U sponge rubber out-sole – resulting in a ridiculously comfortable wear.

If you are more traditional, you can also check out their colorful flip flop inspired styles such as the Beer Bozy or Burm and if you even need a new pair of laced shoes, they sell those too!

Sanuk make buying and wearing shoes fun. They specialize in making simple but crazy comfortable shoes that appeal to a wide range of men, women and children.

Buy your own pair here – Sanuk Men’s Chiba Sidewalk Surfer Shoe

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