Ambienta by Sage GreenLife

Born from the unhealthy separation of people and nature, most of us tend to leave nature behind when we enter our homes, schools or workplaces, often neglecting the concept that plants make a space come alive. The Ambienta lamp by Sage GreenLife, aims to transform the way people interact with plants.

At it’s heart, Ambienta is a fully functional modern table lamp. With its ‘mushroom-esque’ design, one can plant up to six small plants in the base and the LED lights provide the plants with the light they need to grow. The hydroponic technology inside the lamp is clean, water efficient and allows plants to improve the air quality of your space.

With both an ambient light or grow light setting, the lamp adds calming, vibrant and living plants to any room while also functioning as eye catching art piece to anchor the space.

Pre-rooted in soil-less plants are hand selected by Sage GreenLife’s own horticulturalist team and can be purchased directly from their site as well in a palette of six.

We are very impressed with Ambienta. It is a unique and stylish way to bring some greenery into seemingly dead office buildings, schools or even your own home. It is very easy to set up and maintain and also works functionally well as a lamp too. So feel better about your space and your Earth by adding some life to your lives.

Check them out at

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