Honeycomb Audio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With New year approaching, it usually means big plans, big parties and with that – the need for big sound. Honeycomb Sound’s Bluetooth speaker gives you high power and low distortion from a compact and efficient speaker unit.

What makes this Bluetooth speaker so different from others on the market is its distinct honeycomb shaped shell the company claims is not only robust and resilient but forms a perfect geometry allowing for a minimum amount of material in relation to weight and cost. This results in low in density and high compression, simply meaning sound is tight and clean.

Internally the speaker features a 2 channel, 40-watt stereo class D amplifier, with dynamic four-speaker, two-port wide-angle sound driver. The Honeycomb Sound speaker also includes the latest wireless technologies such as advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and Bluetooth 4.0, providing better than usual sound quality and transmission, something we can attest to.

In our testing, we found that the speaker itself can be run on the internal 2200mah battery for about 8 hours using the primary Bluetooth connection within the 30ft parameter, which is solid. The unit itself is charged and/or powered via the AC adapter included. Connection and playback can also be made via the 3.5mm audio input or SD card slot, a welcome addition to an already great system.

We really enjoyed the tonal quality of the honeycomb speaker, Bluetooth devices tend to sound “tiny” but this one had good depth and realism to it’s output while providing a decent spatial listening experience.

For those who want a unique design and care about the quality of the music you are playing, then Honeycomb Audio’s Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the one for you.

Get yours here – Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Silver


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