Downpour Rain Company – Alto Umbrella

Downpour Rain Company know a lot about rain being based in Vancouver Canada, where they experience approximately 165 days of precipitation on average per year. Born from this climate are their thoughtfully designed umbrellas built to last the wet winters of the Pacific Northwest.

In our minds, the key to a successful product is not necessarily creating something new but rather improving an already existing design and that is where the Downpour Rain Company thrives – mastering craftsmanship with quality materials, maintaining simplicity all the while keeping you dry when the rain falls.

Their Reflect Alto Umbrella features a classic wooden shaft with fiberglass frame and a 100% reflective outer canopy, the perfect umbrella for the darkest times of year. It’s 48-inch diameter and 35-inch height, means that the user is given the necessary coverage for blustery days and the well built automatic button and leather strap truly finish off a product that is both durable and functional.

Everyone needs an umbrella but few that we purchase make it past the season and are often the victims of poor design and workmanship, so the next time you reach for your umbrella on a rainy day, ask yourself – do I really want to waste my money replacing this next year when I could have one that is built to last by the Downpour Rain Company.

Get yours today at

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