NewBlack – Louis Speaker

There is always something beautiful about simple and functional design, cords, batteries, or cables do not complicate it, it just works well. The Louis by New Black is a wooden trumpet speaker for smartphones designed to mimic the retro sound of vinyl records.

Made from stunning beech wood to give it better durability, resistance and more importantly character; users simply download the dedicated App which plays music when the smartphone is slotted in place. A magic made possible thanks to a dialogue between the phone sensors and the shape of the Louis.

Once the device starts playing your music, the room is filled with an impressive warm sound similar to what we would describe of that of a gramophone. The sound is additionally amplified by the devices ‘unique shape, which we thought was very effective given that most smartphone speakers are notoriously quiet.

We really love the Louis speaker but it should be noted that this is not meant to improve the sound quality of your music, it is designed to mimic sound like audio systems of old and bring back memories of days gone by.

The Louis is a conversation starter and a unique gift for those who love music and looks great as a centerpiece around the home.

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