Leguano Barefoot Shoes

We spend hundreds of dollars each year on running or walking shoes yet we still complain about back, hip and knee problems. While it’s easy to dismiss this, and say or I’m just old or I over did it at gym, the reality is, in countries where going barefoot is common, these problems are largely unheard of. Leguano believes that the healthiest and most natural form of forward motion: walking barefoot, is better for you when you have hard-wearing, slip-resistant soles that adapt around every movement of the foot and the muscles.

Leguano’s barefoot shoes resemble a pair of socks (and are as comfortable as those too) but with a rubberized sole. However, don’t let looks fool you, there is some serious science here. The wool, cotton, and elastane upper hold the foot firmly, allowing bodily heat to escape when walking or running and retaining warmth when resting. Additionally, the excellent slip-proof qualities of it’s sole made from biocompatible LIFOLIT® strengthens the foot muscles and provides maximum protection for feet when walking barefoot.

We were given the opportunity to try their premium and active Leguanos and we must admit that there is an adjustment period. We are used to thinking that shoes need to be big, chunky slabs of rubber and mesh and these are simply not. They are very comfortable, like wearing a pair of socks, however, it is more natural feeling and does resemble walking or running barefoot but with added protection from the rubber sole. We did try it outdoors and walked over whatever we could find, rocks included, and we couldn’t feel a thing. Running in these is also strange at first, but the more we tried them, the more normal nay stronger we felt our stride became.

As to Leguano’s claims on whether it is better to be barefoot, only time will tell, we have worn these now for over a month (weather permitting) and have not experienced more than the usual muscle soreness or tiredness from our workout routine. As always, the final decision is up to you, but we will say, that if you are looking for a more comfortable, natural feeling walking shoe then definitely check these out.

Get your Leguano’s here – leguano PREMIUM business black 40-41


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