InBody Band

The InBody Band is another smart device in a very crowded field but this one has the potential to make you regret eating that cream donut at lunch, because you can measure your Percent Body Fat, heart rate, and more everywhere you go.

The InBody band proclaims itself to be the world’s first wearable fitness tracker that measures your body composition using Bioelectrical Impedance(BIA) Measurement. In layman’s terms, it analyzes your body and breaks it down to its muscle and fat components. In just a few short seconds, the band will determine your body fat percentage, which is an important (regretful?) number to track when you’re getting fit.

What makes this wearable so unique is that it reveals changes in your body that matter, like increases in muscle and decreases in fat. It is easy enough to take 10,000 steps a day and be rewarded with an in-app notification, badge, or buzz, but if you can’t observe what all those steps doing for your body, then what is the point?

The InBody band also includes the usual slew of fitness tracking tools including an automatic sleep tracker that monitors the duration and quality of your sleep, a Heart rate sensor, incoming call and text notifications and a real-time activity tracker. As with most wearables, everything is tracked and graphed on the InBody app so you can monitor changes over time. A nice addition is also the ability to add your friends to the InBody app, and challenge each other to meet your own individual goals.

While we won’t reveal our fat percentage, the devices’ accuracy impressed us, we even compared it to the classic body fat caliper test and results were on par. Everything else worked as it should and met and even exceeded the benchmarks set by One cut favorite – Withings Steel smartwatch. We also really like the sleek design and beautiful LCD screen and finger electrode combination. It’s a clever design that is quite striking.

At the end of the day, the question remains…are you serious enough about your health that you want to know exact percentages of how healthy or unhealthy you are? If your answer is yes, then try the InBody Band.

Get yours exclusively here – InBody BAND – Wearable Body Composition Analyzer: Activity, Heart Rate and Sleep Tracker – Retail Packaging – Midnight Black/Medium


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