Pictar Camera Grip for iPhone

In the past 5 years, the world of mobile photography has changed a lot. From higher mega-pixel counts to filter consideration, even the way we think about taking photographs on a mobile device has changed. Pictar, have designed what could be the ultimate camera grip attachment for iPhone adding DSLR-like functionality to your existing device and the result is better photos than the traditional point and shoot approach.

Pictar gives users uncompromising control over their smartphone camera by providing them with full external control of all shooting functions as well as a stable and secure grip. The attachment itself resembles something of a DSLR camera that was cut in two with the iPhone sliding into the portion that has all the camera controls. It is seated comfortably in the casing and features a shutter release button, zoom ring, exposure compensation wheel, selfie button and more. It is worth noting at this junction that these buttons and toggles do nothing unless paired with Pictar’s own powerful camera app.

We won’t go into all the features this functionality brings but you will have much more manual control over things like focus, zoom, and control of ISO exposure that can bring your photos to a whole new level. A few features we really loved was that with the Pictar grip, you can now take photos with gloves on – something we Canadians wish smartphone makers took into more consideration, as there are physical buttons to snap photos with. Also, Pictar has a built-in trip socket allowing you to mount your device securely on any external stabilizing device and comes with a convenient strap allowing you to wear your device like a traditional camera securely around your neck.

After using Pictar this past month, the grip and app alone truly allow real freedom when it comes to mobile photography, we wouldn’t say this is perfect for you “stick-to-auto-mode” folk, but if you are serious enough to take the time to think about focus and exposure before a shot, this device is a must have.

Get your Pictar here – Pictar Plus Camera Grip for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 8 – DSLR your iPhones Camera


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