Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

I grew up on the TV show MacGyver. He was a hero who would save the day by making a bomb from some floss, a toothpick and a battery and he did it using his trusty red pocket knife. Since then, I have always wanted two things for myself – to drive a black Jeep like my hero and own a red pocket knife. One of these childhood dreams was realized when I got my hands on my own classic Swiss Army pocket knife.

For more than some 130 years, Victorinox has made everything from pocket knives to watches to fragrances but one thing has always remained constant, an iconic design backed by quality, function, and innovation. In fact, the creator of Victorinox chose the name based on his late mother Victoria and the international term for stainless steel ‘inox’ which revolutionized the cutlery industry. However, it wasn’t until the second world war that the swiss army knife got the attention it deserved from US soldiers who were fans of the functionality of the device both on and off the field. Since then, the company has continued to grow and has even taken a more sustainable approach to the materials they use including the creation of Alox scales for the Pioneer pocket knife made from used Nespresso capsules.

The Huntsman is a classically styled pocket knife and classic multi-tool. It features everything you would need for life outdoors all wrapped up in a beautiful four-inch fire engine red casing with Victorinox embossing. The real highlight of this product is just how much one can achieve with it in their hands. It includes – two blades, a can and bottle opener, a 3mm and 6mm screwdriver, scissors, saw and toothpick to name a few. In our testing, we found ourselves going less and less to our toolbox when constructing projects around the office and went for the one thing that we knew would not only work well but is built from high quality materials that could stand up to whatever we threw at it and this includes Friday night drinks at the bar and being the go to bottle opener guy.

A century of product design and innovation have created an object likely to stay with us for another 100 years or more. In our modern era, people want more for less and more importantly more convenience in smaller packaging. Victorinox’s Swiss Army Knives continue to check all the right boxes in 2017 and remain relevant to a society that would rather tote their smartphone into the outdoors than something that is purposefully useful.

So, make yourself more functional to those around you by having your own piece of Swiss artistry.

Get yours here – Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman II Pocket Knife, Red


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