Baubax – World’s Best Travel Jacket

Baubax, a successful Kickstarter campaign, have created the ‘James Bond’ of travel jackets with their line of comfortable and practical outerwear that does more than just keep you warm or dry.

After raising 11.5 million dollars through different crowdfunding sources, Baubax set out with lofty goals to create a series of jacket types for men and women that not only are comfortable but also versatile, durable and allow you to sleep soundly when traveling long distances.

Aimed to be not only a jacket but your travel organizer, we were given the opportunity to review their classic bomber which made our traveling a whole lot easier. If you were to take all your travel must haves – like a neck pillow, eye mask, pen, gloves etc. you would not come close to this jackets usefulness.
Their modern styled bomber jacket is constructed from 100% machine washable polyester and features some clever additions to make traveling easier.

Firstly, lets talk about storage. In our minds, the marker of a great jacket is how much you can store in the included pockets and this thing has a lot of them. Starting with pockets for a phone, a slot for a tablet, and passport (all standard affairs) but this jacket takes it one step further and throws in room for a power bank, your sunglasses, a blanket and even a freaking drink holder pocket! Needless to say, there is a place for everything!

Next, it’s all about comfort with a hood that doubles as an eye mask and yes, a built-in inflatable neck pillow you simply blow up when needed and deflate when not. This really made us look much cooler than carrying around a neoprene donut. Another great add on was the inclusion of finger-less gloves that slide out of the sleeves and even cozy warm pockets if that doesn’t suffice.

Lastly, you get those things we didn’t know we needed in a jacket but really appreciated, such as an inbuilt cloth to clean sun or reading glasses; a loop on the inner of the jacket to hold your earphones and likely the cherry on the awesome sundae that is this bomber – a zipper that doubles as a stylus and a pen! Is your mind blown yet?

With different styling for both men and women, Baubax have impressed us and really made us rethink just how much people take when they travel long distances and how easy it is to integrate most of these things into a jacket that truly makes life easier for all.

If you are planning to travel soon, then go and get your Baubax jacket now.

BUY yours here – Baubax Travel Jacket – Bomber – Male – Black – XL


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