Java Factory Roasters Coffee

Finding the perfect coffee blend is never easy, in a sea of alternatives out there, there definitely is a lot of icebergs to contend with. From too bitter a taste to no taste at all, finding that happy medium is always a good coffee roasters objective. Java Factory Roasters have made it their mission to handcraft each of their roasts with what they call an “obsessive attention to detail” and it shows, with a cup of coffee that is so smooth and flavorful you will find yourself with a full-blown coffee addiction.

Their single serve coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans and is roasted using a unique proprietary system that guarantees a taste that is never acidic or bitter. Their coffee pods are filled with the perfect amount of coffee grounds to ensure a smooth and full taste and feature an advanced filter that diffuses better and improves taste.

We were given the opportunity to try their range of single serve coffee pods in different roasts and flavors. So, we will focus on their flavored coffee first and then the tried and tested regular joe.

Java Factory Roasters have two flavored coffee variants, each with their own unique taste on the palette. First was their Vanilla Dream, infused with vanilla and butter toffee, we found this was our go to on lazy Sunday afternoons. The lighter roast was not quite enough for a morning wake me up but more of the casual wind-down. Unlike other flavored coffee, you could still taste the coffee, but the subtle hints of added flavor make this quite a pleasant experience. Their other alternative, the Choconut was a decadent blend of chocolate and coconut infused into a light roast coffee pod. This was the perfect cup of coffee to have with dessert and the flavors really come through, plus it made the office smell great!

The true taste of their coffee is evident when you go for the classic brew, for the sake of time, there are four variants, a light roast called Wakey Wakey with a crisp slightly bitter taste good for a little pick-me-up and a medium roast called Smooth Caffeinator, a Goldilocks blend that is not too strong and not to weak but just right. However, we are fonder of their darker bolder varieties. Their Dark and Handsome blend is a bold and flavorful cup that has just a hint of caramel. We really loved the taste of this one and it had enough kick to get you out the front door in the morning. The real star of the show though is “Da Bomb” a double caffeinated punch in the face that was will put some pep in your step. What we loved with this one was again the bold flavor but re-markedly without the bitterness, it was very smooth and exuded Barista style quality.

So, if you need a wake-up call in the morning or just a warm cup of joe to wind down before dinner, Java Factory Roasters have a blend for you. In fact, we are so fond of their coffee, they are our One Cut product of the month for January.

BUY yours here – Java Factory Variety Pack Single-cup Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 80 Count


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