Keen by Habitaware

The folks over at Habitaware are on a mission, a mission to help those affected by Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors or BFRB’S and raise awareness of how these disorders can affect a person’s life. Their new smart bracelet helps sufferers become aware of subconscious behaviors and try to redirect their focus.

Keen is the world’s first smart awareness trainer and subconscious behavior tracker. It aims to address behaviors such as hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting and thumb sucking through tracking the user’s behavior using their proprietary app and smart bracelet which has custom gesture detection. When the behavior is detected, the bracelet sends a vibration and reminds the user to be aware of the behavior and take control.

The set up was very easy, you simply download the app and identify the behavior you would like to change. The bracelet then learns custom gestures which indicate the behavior and when detected will notify the wearer that the action has been identified. The premise is quite simple and ingenious, over time, the brain can be retrained to unlearn this negative behavior and bring a better standard of living for those affected.

The app can additionally detect up to four different detection areas at a time and you can even adjust the vibration intensity and detection rate. Another thing we found helped in our testing was the need to push Keen’s button to acknowledge the behavior, we found this was a clever subtle reminder to not bite our nails or whatever it is you have it trained for.

There are 3 different smart bracelet colors with two different styles to choose from and at just $149, this could be the tool that you need to bring more awareness to these unwanted behaviors and retrain your brain.

Get yours at

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