Vezzo Smart Mirror by Viio

Most people are in a mad rush when it comes to getting ready for work in the morning. You’ve got to shower, blow dry hair, do makeup and so on and nothing hinders this process more than an ill-equipped bathroom. Now, it’s rare that a self-proclaimed “smart” product truly innovates in any given space, but, Viio’s line of smart mirrors have managed to bring all the modern conveniences to an everyday product and make it better and it begins with their Vezzo mirror.

With the simple philosophy of “improving the places where we spend most of time with our families”, their new Vezzo mirror brings convenience into the home bathroom. With it’s beautiful 24″x32″x2″ footprint and solid wood backing, the smart mirror brings beauty light and sound into the space by providing some worth upgrades including – soft LED lighting, anti-fog technology, and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities allowing you to pair with any mobile device, tablet and computer. The welcome addition of a dual speaker system also brings quality audio allowing you to play your favorite music while you ready yourself for the day.

With the ability to be mounted horizontal or landscape with ease, the front of the mirror features a rectangular LED light strip around the edge of the mirror which can be controlled very easily by the embedded touch buttons in the bottom right corner. There is also a pairing button to connect to your devices and our favorite an anti fog button which you simply switch on prior to showering and never have to worry about cleaning the mirror again. The integration of Bluetooth also means that you now have access to hands-free answering/calling and no longer must dodge those 7am calls from mum, which may or may not be a good thing, the jury is out on this one.

It’s rare that we conclude that after using a product for the evaluation period that it has made our lives easier, but it really has. We particularly enjoyed being able to blast some tunes at our faces and wake ourselves up for those early morning meetings and the sound is great too. The LED lighting, we were told by our female staff, also really helped in the application of makeup as it illuminated the face well and the anti fog is simply a revelation, no longer do we have to open windows and doors and feel the cold harsh air of morning to see ourselves.

The Vezzo mirror by Viio is a beautiful accessory for any home. It looks, feels, and operates like a premium product that deserves to be in our “smart” homes in 2018 and for that reason it is our One Cut Product of the Month for April.

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  1. Tjohnson says:

    Awesome review!


    1. Thanks for the feedback, we love hearing from our readers! Be sure to follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram too!


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