LELO HEX – Condoms Re-imagined!

When we think of condoms we rarely hear “commitment to innovation” in the same breath, because to put it simply, not much has changed in the past 20 years design wise, they still stop unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infection. However, the team at LELO have re-imagined the condom with a new iconic design that could eventually reshape and transcend the confines of an entire industry.

With LELO’s desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect, their HEX condom is more than just a new design. The impossibly thin 0.045 mm natural latex construction has a unique hexagonal design that offers strength and lightness to this re-imagining. Chosen for its capacity to be symmetrical and tessellate perfectly, the 350 strong hexagonal structure also means that there is more sensitivity while using.

One thing we appreciated with this new approach is that the hexagons offer a textured design on the outer, perfect for that lady or lad in your life. We also noticed in our testing that the condom itself has a lot more stretch and flexibility while also being true to size but not restrictive at the base like other competitors products. The packaging is also surprisingly easy to open and therefore not such a fumble in the dark.

To surmise, LELO have designed what appears here to be a better mouse trap (not a euphemism), they took an existing product that has not changed for many years and have designed a better, stronger version of it. They have set some lofty goals to revolutionize an industry but time will tell if this is what consumers want. Do they feel good? Of course. Did we enjoy testing them? Hell yes! At the end of the day, we came to appreciate their thinness but not at the sacrifice of durability and strength and that is something to marvel at in itself.

BUY yours here – https://www.lelo.com/hex-condoms-original


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