Aupalla Tree of Light Lamp

Next to my bedside is an alarm clock, wireless charger, google mini and a lamp. Needless to say, real estate on my side table,at best, is vacant.
What if there was a way to combine all of these must haves into a single unit that does it all? Ampulla’s Tree of Light lamp, is an aesthetically pleasing way to amalgamate your tech into a simple but beautiful piece of bedside art.

Elegance and simplicity is the name of the game with the Tree of Light bedside lamp, combining a beautiful cherry tree lamp shade that gives the light a warm color and glow as it shines through illuminating the grain with a wireless charger, bluetooth speaker and a stepless dimming touch control lamp with sleep mood mode, this is the ultimate tech. multi tool.

However, this is more than just something pretty for a room, the 5V wireless charger quickly charges your compatible gadgets while the Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP, AVRCP makes connecting your devices a breeze. The speaker itself also provides solid audio output and a definite highlight of the Tree of Light lamp is the the lamp itself with its 38 Eco-friendly LED bulbs providing 200 Lumens of brightness. We are also big fans of the brilliant Dim and Good Night sleep mode, where the lamp tempers the light provided by the lamp for a perfect sleep time glow.

Here at One Cut, we are big fans of devices that simplify our lives and the Tree of Light lamp not only looks good but offers all of the conveniences of your favourite everyday gadgets in a artistic and stylish form factor and is definitely worth checking out.

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