Physiclo – Compression pants with Resistance!

Compression wear has been around for quite some time and is widely used in the fitness community. These often-snug items of clothing hold muscles firmly in place to improve blood flow to the muscles and as a result boost overall athletic performance and recovery times. Physiclo, want to add another level to this already popular fitness apparel with their line of Pro Resistance bottoms that will intensify your workout.

The concept behind their Pro Resistance line came from the desire for the everyday person to intensify their workouts but simply did not have the minutes in a day to add to their normal workout routine. As a result, their functional fitness wear was born, allowing consumers to add extra resistance to their workout easily and efficiently.

Each pair of their compression pants comes packed with its own resistance, they achieve this through the inclusion of multiple elastic bands and panels that stretch over different muscle groups and offer resistance via abduction and flexion. The result? The low impact resistance offered by the pants thereby strengthens your muscles and facilitates effective and fast muscle conditioning. The best part of Physiclo’s Pro Resistance bottoms is that the more you flex – the more resistance you get, up to an impressive 10 pounds of force.

Their apparel is also backed by some thorough case studies and scientific research with the company claiming that data acquired suggests a 23% greater muscle activity in the hamstrings and quadriceps and an additional 9% increase in heart rate and 14% more calories burned when wearing Physiclo.

So how do they feel to wear? In our evaluation period, we will say there is a little adjustment period as it did feel at first like walking through water just walking down the street but after a while and a few strenuous workouts, the difference is most noticeable when you take them off. Your legs not only feel less fatigued but lighter too, so light I felt I could Daniel LaRusso the hell out of the air! It is important to note that they are snug, but we loved that they are moisture-wicking, breathable and machine washable because you will sweat with these on! After all, your legs are working harder than usual.

The Physiclo Resistance wear is a cost-effective way to move past fitness plateaus and force your body to work just that little bit harder. No more time, money or equipment is involved and because of that, your average joe and gym bunnies galore are going to love them!

BUY yours here – Physiclo Pro Resistance Women’s Compression Full-Length Tight Training Pants, Black/Grey, X-Small


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