Synca Quzy

When you need to take a moment after a hectic day, some turn to a bottle of wine; some hit the gym, but we just love to get a massage. Now, if you are anything like my wife, the chances of her spending 30-45 minutes casually massaging your neck and shoulders is probably not going to happen, however, don’t despair there is always another way! The Synca Quzy, is a premium wireless neck and shoulder massager that wants to be your one stop shop for relaxation and we just love it!

The Quzy, fulfills the core of Synca’s business model by bringing wellness through Japanese design and engineering in this easy to carry, compact massage device that can users can manipulate to target those annoying aches and pains. Crafted from a super soft yet durable cotton material, the shape naturally fits the curvature of your body parts and literally hugs your body in a warm embrace to targets those problem areas.

Its unique wrap around design means that Quzy can be used to massage your calves, thighs, lumbar, and neck-and-shoulders too! It achieves this using 8 heated massage heads that work at 3 selectable speeds that can nestle down into those tired muscles and provide pain relief almost instantly. Designed to replicate the work of human hands, the unique 3D kneading balls can be moved quickly, slowly, clockwise, and counter-clockwise to fit your needs. Best of all, its respectable 2 and a half hour run time, means those quiet Friday nights can be all about self-care.

In our non-stop world, it is important to take a moment every now and then and through using Synca’s Quzy this past few months, we have come to appreciate the importance of downtime and looking after our body health more. If one thing can be said about the Quzy, this is a product that we didn’t know we needed until it changed our lives and for that reason, it is our Product of the Month for April!

BUY yours here – Quzy – Premium Wireless Neck and Shoulder Massager


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