Gear Diary: Summer 2019

Summer is a glorious time. The bright sunny skies and splendid warm sun means it is a good time to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with the family. These products are perfect for those that are in the pursuit of pleasure while they enjoy everything this season has to offer. Here is our Summer Gear Guide for 2019.

HooToo TripMate Titan N300


The ironically named TripMate is the perfect way to describe this product, it is the perfect device to accompany you on those long Summer road trips and overnight hotel stays.

This 10400mAh power bank (5V/2.1A) enables you to charge your iPhone or smartphone up to 3 times but also doubles as a Wireless Travel Router and Storage device. The Titan features a brilliant Ethernet port that you can connect your hotel network connection to and turn the connection wireless. It also means no costlier added expenditure for multiple devices connected to the one connection.

The Titan also allows you to get around the pesky network authentication issues when using something like Chromecast to watch your favorite shows and better yet, you can even attach a hard disk or USB flash drive to the TripMate and use the TripMate App to effortlessly transfer files to give you more space or output USB stored content.
This truly is the Swiss Army Knife for the weary traveler who just wants the conveniences of home.

Mophie Juice Pack Access


When you are out and about taking hundreds of photos and 4k video on your Summer adventure, battery tends to deplete quickly, that’s why the Mophie Juice Pack Access is a great way to keep your smartphone powered up for longer.
Made for the iPhone X series of phones, this two-piece battery case features an embedded external battery that you can simply activate where and when you need it to power up your device.

This redesign of the classic Mophie battery case features some welcome improvements including an open base for unobstructed access to the lightning port; the ability to wireless charge the device even with the case on and even a lightweight design that provides excellent impact protection thanks to some brilliant internal rubberized support pads.

This case provides the Summer Vacationer with power to keep on going while reassuring them that their device is safe, this is truly a must have this season.

Mountain Hard Wear Kor Pre-Shell and Chockstone Hoody

We cannot do a Summer Gear Guide without some awesome clothing options from One Cut favorite Mountain Hard Wear.

For those seeking a lightweight, water resistant hoodie for those stunning dusk walks or early dawn runs, there really isn’t a better option than the Kor Preshell.
Constructed from super lightweight Pertex® Quantum Air™ 20D Stretch Ripstop nylon, this form fitting but comfortable offering provides consumers with a simple zip down that can pack tightly into your pocket and take anywhere you go, thanks to the included carrying case.

The harness-compatible zip hand pockets are a nice touch for those seeking greater heights and the Kor pre-shells’ ability to repel rain is spectacular.

The Chockstone Hoody is a more durable option that need a little more mobility but want to stay dry and warm. This mid-weight jacket is made from 4-Way Chockstone (91% Nylon, 9% Elastane) whereas the Durable double-weave construction provides excellent stretch ability for all kinds of adventures.

It too has a powerful water resistant outer and harness-compatible chest and hand pockets with zip for secure storage, which we appreciate. It also looks great too!

Roka Oslo Sunglasses


Finally, one can not underestimate the importance of some stylish eyewear that can help reduce the glare from that bold sun of ours.

The Oslo by Roka is a lightweight and fingerprint resistant pair of shades that features unique non-slip Geko pads. The brilliant GEKO™ fit and retention system is essentially a proprietary elastomer for nose and temple pads that’s hydrophilic, chemical resistant, and supports multi-directional traction with comfort. These will not slip off!

The stylish round frame looks great and is inspired by the equally stylish Norwegian capital city of Oslo while the carbon polarized lenses eliminates high glare with ease.

Available in different colors and costing just $150, these are the perfect Summer accessory!

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