One Cut’s 12 Days of Christmas – Holiday Gift Guide 2019

With Christmas steadily approaching, now is the time to beat the last-minute rush and pick up some fantastic deals on everything from lifestyle to fitness to tech. products and be someone’s shining star this festive season.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite products released this past year, some are new, and some are old but more importantly are great value and make exceptional gifts.

Here is our pick for Day 12.

Octopus Watch by Joy

Marketed as a unique kid friendly smartwatch, the Octopus watch serves as a parenting coach and seeks to empower kids by teaching them good habits and the important life skill of time management.


The svelte and colorful design of the watch makes it perfect for kids between the ages of 3-12 and features a TFT-LCD full color display; hypoallergenic and swappable wristband; up to 15 days of battery life, a 3-axis digital accelerometer & 3-axis digital gyroscope but reassuringly does not have GPS, wireless or phone capability.

The watch works by parents setting schedules using the proprietary app and using a unique icon-based watch face combined with haptic vibration, children are notified when its time to complete a task like brushing their teeth, doing their homework, getting ready for bed and more. In the Motion edition of the Octopus watch, it can also be used to track your child’s physical activity which is very convenient.

One thing we value about this device is its ability to teach kids responsibility, independence and self-esteem as they learn their daily routines and more importantly as they develop these skills they also learn about the concept of time and scheduling which is important in the middle school years. Another welcome feature for children with medical concerns is the ability to save up to 5 lines of important information like phone numbers, allergies, or blood type which makes this quite versatile for teachers and guardians alike.

Finally, we love the super cute Octopus shaped watch charger stand, which also doubles as a night light as the watch charges and value the price to value ratio of this device as the base model costs just $59.99. This truly is a great gift this holiday season.


BUY yours here – New – Octopus Kids Smart Watch v2 – Red – Plan Activities, Responsibilities and Healthy Habits – Fitness Tracker and Electronic Daily Schedule – Night Light Included


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