Product of the Year 2019

In a year where we reviewed everything from augmented reality swim goggles to modular pergola systems and even a robot, it is never an easy task to select one product worthy of our Product of the Year badging…so this year, we won’t. This years’ winner is not based on one single product the company released in this calendar year, but rather, a bevy of great products that seemingly have made our lives more productive and got the attention of those who were listening, that company is Nomad.

The core of Nomad’s product vision is one that we wholeheartedly endorse, it is the pursuit of creating minimalist, practical tools that keep us powered on the go. For most of this past year, we have been featuring products that seek to take your attention off screens and turn it towards the real world and seek adventure there instead. As a result, Nomad managed to be at the forefront of this movement by designing and creating useful products that allowed our adventures to go further; encouraged us to be more resourceful but most importantly teach us to be mindful of ownership, as we strived to simplify our lives.


One of the first products that we simply could no longer live without is their Base Station Apple Watch Edition. Like most people, most of our team own an iPhone and Apple Watch, both of which have become pivotal in the work we do and communicating with those around us. Similarly, both are often charged overnight. What made this product quite special, was how they managed to seamlessly blend a MFi-certified Apple Watch Charger with a fast Qi-certified 7.5W wireless charger and make it look so damn good! The Base Station has a clever LED charging indicator with ambient light sensor for unobtrusive night charging and a premium genuine leather charging surface. This sleek and modern design from Nomad quickly found its way into our homes and to the bedside table where it will likely remain for some time to come.


With the release of the iPhone 11 came quick charging via USB-C, the problem is, the cable that ships with the phone is average quality at best. So, when Nomad released their Kevlar USB-C to lightning cable, we knew this would be a must have for on the go charging at the office and in the car. Paired with a fast charging brick, this cable from Nomad offers impressive 18-watt fast charging, getting your iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes. The real draw to this product though, was its toughness, with its unique Kevlar central core plus outer braid combined with metal allow connector plugs, meaning, this was a cable that would likely outlive the life of the phone and take quite the abuse before it gave up. With so much cable swapping going on in our office, this was something we knew we could not pass up and neither should you.


The last few products that have made their way into our regular rotation from Nomad have more to do with protection and vanity and there is simply no better way to add a touch of class to your bland looking Airpods case than with leather. Made from Genuine Horween leather from the USA, this simple two-piece design simply slips over your existing Airpods case to give it a sexy yet protective all leather design motif. It also offers some nice protection with a soft microfiber lining and optical light pipe for the LED charging indicator. This was a great way for different team members to distinguish their Airpods from the crowd if they should ever be misplaced, and they also look great!


Finally, is something that no person who rocks an iPhone should be without – a protective and stylish case. Now, while cases might be a dime a dozen and can be purchased for as little as $10 on Amazon, we are all about simplifying our EDC (every day carry) so when we had the chance to combine a phone case and our wallet from two pockets into one, we jumped at the opportunity. Nomad’s Rugged Folio case is by far the best wallet style case you can buy for the iPhone, even better than Apple’s own uber expensive variant. With a brilliant design that combines a high-grade polycarbonate body bonded to a raised TPE bumper, this full genuine leather wrapped case offers reassuring 6ft of drop protection and the ability to carry 3 cards and some cash in a svelte design we love. Best of all, it is even compatible with wireless charging and will patina with age giving it a unique one of a kind look.

As you can see, Nomad truly have left us impressed with some of their product releases in 2019. They are products that are useful, look good and seek to prolong the life of the devices we use on the daily. These and many other of their products are worth your attention and are not a throwaway purchase, they are built to last, and, in a world where consumerism is all about the now, it is nice to see a company making products for today and tomorrow. For this reason, they are our Product(s) of the Year!

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BUY the Base Station here – Nomad Wireless Charging Dock Base Station for Apple NM3W240K00 Black

BUY the Lightning cable here – Nomad Kevlar Lightning Cable | 3.0 Meters | USB-C to Lightning

BUY the Airpods case here – Nomad Airpods Wireless Case (Does not Include AirPod Charging Case) | Black Horween Leather

BUY the Rugged case here – NOMAD Rugged Case for iPhone 11 Pro | Rustic Brown Horween Leather


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