Oclu Action Camera

We live in a society obsessed with capturing the moment, whether it is still images or video, we want it to be ultra high definition and as close to the human experience as we can manage. With this notion, came the rise of the “action camera”, a device that can be taken anywhere and, on any adventure, and there is no better, all round offering currently on the market than the OCLU Camera.

Winner of Red Dot and European Design Awards, the OCLU camera was crafted from the desire to record and share your favorite moments with ease with something that just works. Designed to be durable, intuitive and water-resistant, the OCLU camera allows you to capture crisp audio and stunning images and video in extraordinary detail while bringing together innovation and quality to create a stunning and seamless experience.

The experience all starts with the unboxing, the standard retail package comes with the camera itself, battery, charging cable and mounting Oclink clip all wrapped up in a protective travel bag that makes this out of the box ready for adventure. The camera itself is svelte and light coming in at just over 100g, is IPX7 water resistant and features a 12-megapixel lens capable of capturing ultra high definition 4k video at 30 frames per second and Super smooth and stable footage at 1080P @ 30 / 60 FPS. Image quality is stunning, and the recorded sound is crisp and clear thanks to intuitive noise cancelation from the onboard microphones. You also get a generous 1000mah battery capable of recording all day long and then some, so you will never miss the journey.

While most of this is par for the course in an action cam these days, the OCLU camera also features some powerful extra features many of the others don’t, including the ability to delete unwanted recordings on-the-fly with what they call LiveCut. This simple on device video editor allows you to have some basic control over the final output product without the need for a PC or smartphone for editing which is brilliant. The camera can also record and log location data with an in-built GPS receiver and there is even a mode to initiate motion recording, where the device will automatically start recording when movement is detected, this is perfect for wildlife filming.

Last and most notable with the OCLU camera is their ingenious mounting system using the Oclink, which essentially makes this a modular camera system. With different accessories available dependant on your chosen adventure, all allow the camera to be easily mounted and utilized for a set and forget experience like no other. We were fortunate to try their adaptable Adventure bundle which featured the awesome OcYou chest mount for true stable first-person point of view shooting, as well as, the OcShell which allows you to use the device in wetter environments and even underwater. Lastly, the OcView which is essentially a powerful extendable grip mount for even better in the wild selfies. These accessories and more only take this camera to the next level when it comes to living in the moment.

At the modest price of just $299, you get a lot of bang for your buck with OCLU, the footage we recorded has a cinematic presence to it, audio recording is also clear and the accessories that you may need are there for you without messy third party options. To sum up, this is everything the GoPro should have been but wasn’t and we think that is enough said!

BUY yours at https://oclu.com/camera

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