Ebemate Bella – The A.I Powered Baby Monitor

Being a new parent can be stressful! Between broken sleep, soiled diapers and caring for this fragile human life now in your hands, anything to make the experience more manageable is always welcome. The team behind Bella, want to help keep your newborn safe with their innovative new baby monitor designed with parents in mind!

Originally starting as a Kickstarter campaign, there hasn’t been a whole lot of new when it comes to baby monitoring devices in the last decade. Most get the fundamentals right – a good quality camera, two-way microphone functionality, a decent night mode and strong connectivity options. While Bella still gets most of this right, its what Bella does that the others don’t, that make it truly unique in this space.


You see, Bella aims to bring some serious smarts to their monitoring device, and it starts with its ability to detect certain behaviours that can put your child at risk. First and foremost is Bella’s ability to monitor the baby’s environment, the device can effectively detect temperature and humidity in the room, alerting parents when a room may be too warm or too cold. It can also effectively detect when a child’s face is covered and needs immediate assistance. Is your newborn crying at night? It has you covered there too, Bella will use its own counter measures to sooth the child back to sleep, including emitting a warm glowing amber light and playing quiet lullabies or pre-recorded messages from parents, essentially reducing the interruptions to the ever so important parent sleep cycle.

As the child grows, so does Bella’s AI smarts, including powerful motion detection and danger and safe zone setting, instantly alerting parents if they leave or enter an area they are not supposed to! We found this very effective for monitoring that little explorer in the family who likes to wander. Last but certainly not least, Bella can even detect when your child smiles and instantly snap a photo and share it with parents via their connected app, so you will never miss a moment!

To sum up, Bella does all the things a good baby monitor can but also so much more to make a new parents’ life easier. It has versatile mounting options, exceptional connectivity and intuition and most importantly offers secure video and data protection. At under $150, this may very well be the best baby monitor on the market today and there is no price for peace of mind.

Get yours at http://www.ebemate.com/products/smart-baby-monitor/20.html

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