True Classic Tees

The classic plain white t-shirt has been a staple of many men’s wardrobes dating back to the 1940s, it was one of the only items you could pair with some denim jeans and always look good and that still holds true today. The problem is, not all t-shirts these days are made the same, often succumbing to shrinking and loss of shape due to the use of lower quality materials in their construction. That all changes today thanks to plucky Startup – True Classic Tees – that aims to bring “the classic” tee back to the front of your clothing rotation with t-shirts that not only look great but will last too!

Made from the brilliant 60/40 cotton/polyester blend that is super soft, what sets True Classic tees apart from their competitors is just how well they fit around the arms, shoulders, and sides thanks to their athletic style cut, therefore elevating that plain tee to something that wears incredibly well even after multiple washes. Available in the usual array of styles from crew to V, pockets, and even hoodies. These inexpensive tees offer you the perfect blend of form, fit, and function you can expect from something that adorns the body.

Another highlight for me was that the ring-spun cotton and jersey polyester used in the t-shirts also does not shrink when placed in the dryer and the tagless design also means no irritating neck scratch which is important after a 14 hour day wearing these bad boys. It’s worth noting that the shirts are also sold in packs or bundles of 3, 6 or 12 meaning that this truly can be a one-stop-shop and your done kind of deal, and given the predicted longevity we believe these will have, you won’t be running to Walmart to replace them every 2 months, yes we are looking at you Hanes, Fruit of the Loom! True Classic also sell a variety of long sleeve, tank tops and hoodies meaning they have you covered no matter what the season.

To sum up, we are huge fans of True Classic Tees, we love that they deliver on their promise of high quality, modern fitting and long-lasting t-shirt for men and best of all they have teamed up with CSAH and the Tiny House Project to help lead the efforts in building and sustaining community practices to eliminate homelessness, meaning they are giving back to the communities that are the most vulnerable. When a company does that and can still produce an excellent product at the same time, you will always have the One Cut seal of approval!

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  1. jadehtx says:

    Horrible customer service!!!! The wrong address was submitted for my order, I don’t know how. I don’t even know anything for that address but even if that is my fault I’m fine with it. The problem is them putting no effort into the resolution! The package couldn’t be delivered because of the wrong address. I immediately called FedEx to correct it, but the company shipped it with restrictions not allowing anyone except the company to make any changes with the shipping! Okay fine, so I called True classic tees and inform them of the restrictions and that FedEx just needed them to call with an updated address so they can complete the delivery. And they refuse to!! They repeatedly told me that they don’t call FedEx and that I have to. I repeatedly told them I already tried that first and I’m not authorized to make any changes! They refused to do anything and pretty much gave me a too bad, sorry response. I asked to speak with a manager, they didn’t fulfill that request either. I asked for a refund, they said they’d refund when they get the package back. Which again, I can’t even have sent back to sender because only they can make changes to the shipping! Extremely disappointed!


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