Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit

The idea of a DIY at home tattoo kit is a scary thought for some, probably having something to do with the permanent nature of it and all. However, the folks at Stick and Poke want to provide you with a Pandora’s box of tattoo application gear that as their website might describe – anyone can do and we have to admit, they were right!

“Stick and Poke” is a kind of tattooing that involves using a sharp point and some “ink.” This method dates back to ancient cultures spanning the globe with this method of tattooing the skin being used to celebrate a birth, death, rites of passage, and other rituals & ceremonies. Stick and Poke’s popular Kit costs just $46 for one color ink and features everything from a stencil, sterilized tattoo needles with vegan ink, alcohol pads, medical-grade gloves, and even a band-aid but unfortunately, the one thing not in there is a pair of testicles or lady balls for the faint-hearted.

the one thing not in there is a pair of testicles or lady balls for the faint-hearted.

So how does it work? Simply dip your desired needle size into the ink and then poke into some skin – not through the skin, just into it. An interesting epidermal/biological phenomenon traps this foreign dark substance into the skin, to be displayed through the top layers for life. This achieves the same effect as the modern tattoo machine (also called a tattoo gun) and is permanent when done correctly. Fortunately for those willing to try this, there are detailed descriptions of the process on their website, don’t take the above description as gospel.

Admittedly this was one of the more difficult items to review because no one dared to let me tattoo them, however, many were lining up to try it on me. The result….it hurt! But, I also have a low tolerance for pain. Did it look good? No. However, this was more of a critique of the artist and not the product. Would we recommend it over a legit tattoo shop and professional tattoo artist…maybe, if you can find someone that had a modicum of talent and a steady hand you can get some good results and save money.

Stick and Poke’s Tattoo Kit is a unique way to leave a permanent mark on your skin, so make sure it’s a good one!

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