Pyrofarms Bioluminescent Bio-Orb

At least once a year a product comes across our desk that is hard to quantify but for some reason, we dig it and this year that honor goes to the Bioluminescent Orb by Pyrofarms.

PyroFarms’ mission is to bring the natural wonder, beauty, and glow of nature into the home, office, and classroom with a simple premise – combine the flow of art with the structure of science.   Their Bio-Orb is a glass cylindrical object that serves as a micro aquarium where you grow your Dinoflagellates or PyroDinos as they are so affectionally called.

The micro-aquarium is filled with bioluminescent plant-plankton (algae) that are found in oceans all over the world and will produce light at night when gently disturbed. Like a living breathing thing, they require some exposure to light during the day and some of Pyrofarms’ DinoNutrients periodically to keep the culture healthy. The Bio-Orb is so interesting, that akin to indoor plants they can even clean the air and remove toxins.  The Bio-Orb will pull in CO2 and other toxins out of the air and produce fresh oxygen. To be fully transparent, it was hard for us to gauge this claim though, so the jury is still out on that one.

Admittedly when I received this Bio-Orb I was quite skeptical. I followed the instructions to the letter and for the first week with moderate light, we saw a whole lot of nothing. Then, shortly after adding the “dinonutrients” we noticed that the orb magically lit up at night when temperately stirred and it was quite the wonder to my own and my sons’ 8-year-old eyes. No, it does not light up during the daytime for those reading this and thinking “he probably looked at it in direct sunlight”, so thanks for that.

Now, the question remains, is this something I need? Perhaps, if you have a spare 80 bucks lying around or young children with much wonder in their hearts, this could be an amazing gift. However, if you are just curious as to whether it works or not, it does, but your money could be better spent elsewhere.

Check out the Pyrofarms Bioluminescent Bio-Orb at

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